The Immigration & Homeland Security Group provides full service support to our clients who have the need to secure lawful status in the United States for family members or prospective employees.  Our immigration attorneys include members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and utilize their experience to counsel businesses of all sizes.  We focus in the areas of temporary visas and permanent immigration for employees and their families.

We help our clients assess their need for foreign workers in the U.S. and help them to send U.S. workers abroad, guiding the client through each step of the process with the Department of Labor, the USCIS (previously the INS) and Consular offices around the world. We counsel our clients in proper procedures regarding D.O.L. and USCIS. employer compliance issues, termination of visa workers, and public access file issues. Our firm is experienced with the new rigorous P.E.R.M. system for green cards/permanent residency.  Our firm also aids individual clients with marital and fiancée visas, permanent residency, naturalization and applications for citizenship, dual citizenship and replacement of USCIS documents.