beaverbrook 062

Hole 7 – off the Tee you begin the climb back up the mountain. From the back tees this plays 180 yards but it’s realistically closer to 190. Take an extra club, but realize it’s much better to be a bit short than long, if you have to chip down onto the green from a long shot good luck holding the green.

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This green slopes severely from back to front. If you have a left to right putt up the hill it will slide up to six feet so take heedbeaverbrook 064

Hole 8 is the hardest hole on  the course . at 420 yards it plays uphill all the way and  plays more like 470. A good drive is paramount. If you spray it right you either find the tree line or the bunker which is 250 off the tee uphill and will prevent you from any chance getting their in two.  beaverbrook 065

Second shot you take two extra clubs. It is dead uphill. Favor the left side as the fairway in front of the green slopes drastically right. This is a tough shot.beaverbrook 066

After battling up the mountain you now have to have the toughest green on the course. Above the hole is dead. You are more likely to putt it five feet off the green than stopping it anywhere near the hole. Even if you putt from down below if you don’t give it enough it can come back and pass you.

Don’t be unhappy if you make a five. If you make a four celebrate.

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As tough as eight is Nine gives you a chance at redemption right away. From the mid tees it plays only 240. Take a good look and try to hit the green in one. You must be right to do this, there is a bunker guarding the left side front.

beaverbrook 070

The green has a crest running through the middle from front to back. If you are chipping on keep this in mind. Your goal is eagle, birdie will make up for eight. Par may leave you shaking your head.

beaverbrook 071

Ten is straight down the chute with an uphill second. There is a drastic slope in the middle of the green so take an extra if it is playing top.

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Second shot is a tough one, especially is you draw a downhill lie. You must lift it up over the bunker and apply enough spin to get it to bite as the green slopes front to back. Ti is not uncommon for the ball to trickle into the back fringe.

beaverbrook 007

If you hit this green be aggressive but wary. Birdie is possible but if you get to frisky on a left to right putt it can get away from you so heed your speedbeaverbrook 008

beaverbrook 009

Number 12 is an uphill short par three.  The green is large so take a look at where the pin is and adjust your club appropriately.

beaverbrook 010

If you are putting up to a back left pin the ball will break up to five feet. A putt from the back to front will be very fast so be careful. And uphill putt to a mid pin is green light birdie time – be aggressive.